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When we make a big difference to our life and changes in our routines, we expect results right away.  Your ability to lose weight isn’t an all-or-nothing deal. It’s a process. For many it can take weeks, others it can take months before there are noticeable changes. This means we need to exercise more, eat better and sleep well to optimise our results. Not everyone can be self motivated to do this on their own which can make the process exhausting and demotivating.


Try not to focus solely on the specific result you’re looking for. When you worry about not seeing certain numerical successes, you don’t appreciate the positive impacts you’re making on your body’s overall health. If you start small and focus on bite-size changes you can make day by day, you will get results.  When you start this way, you’ll be more likely to stick to habit changes because they won’t feel so overwhelming.  With my clients, I identify past experiences, current habits, work, stress and so much more. This is mostly done through conversations and questionnaires. This allows me to learn more about the individual to decide exactly what will work and what wont. For example, if you struggle to eat breakfast in the morning, I can send you daily reminders to show you the benefits of what a nutritional breakfast can do for you. If you generally don’t sleep well I can give you tasks to score how well you have slept the night before. If you scored poorly I can give you some tips to help. If you scored well I will give you praise and encouragement which will make you feel more confident and motivated to make it a habit. The point being that it’s not only about workouts and food, it’s about your health and well being as a whole. The most important thing for me is that you can open up and communicate your thoughts. This allows for me to set you up in a way that will not only maximise your results, but so that you can create good habits that you can stick to long term.

As I am providing an online service, I cannot diagnose injuries nor can I supply a plan that will make a quick fix. Any form of medical advice is not a part of my service. I do provide mobility and flexibility drills that may help strengthen areas of weakness, however these are not intended as a replacement for medical advice in any way.

There could be a number of reasons as to why you lost motivation for working out and sticking to the regime. Some of those reasons could be that the training plan was too difficult and you didn’t know how to fix it, the workouts may not have been challenging enough and you didn’t see any results, you felt alone and had to be your own motivator or the workout plans weren’t specific to you or your goals.  My plan will be different because it will be completed tailored to your needs, goals and lifestyle.  With my ongoing support, motivation and encouragement throughout the duration of your plan, you won’t fall off track. If you are finding that the plan is too easy or too hard then you can let me know and I can make the appropriate changes so that you feel comfortable moving forward. The more that we work together, the closer you will get to reaching your goal day by day.

No. I can create plans that only include bodyweight exercises, if completely necessary. However, I would always suggest using some pieces of equipment for weight training and other forms. Once you sign up you will have access to a wide range of training exercises, mobility and flexibility drills, where some will include equipment and others may not. This won’t hinder your ability to get great results.

That depends on how far you have come. If you have not yet achieved your goal but feel you have the tools and knowledge now to progress and do it yourself then that’s great. However, others prefer to continue with another plan. They feel that they have finally found something that works for them and decide to continue their journey.

Discussing the Q+A answers you provide is essential for me to get to know your likes and dislikes relating to training, nutrition and much more. The more detailed answers that you can give me, the more specific the plan will be to you.

You have tried to lose weight before and it either didn’t work or it worked for a short period of time. You made a few lifestyle changes and got rid of the sweets, chocolate and wine. You decide to walk more and try to use the car less. Maybe even joined the gym and started to watch videos to help with gym ideas. You weigh yourself almost every day but start to realise that nothing is changing. You then start to lose motivation and go back to your old habits and give up.


Remember that what worked for you in your twenties won’t necessarily work for you in your thirties, forties or more. There are numerous factors that can impact your body’s ability to lose weight. Some of these include: sleep, nutrition and hormonal balance. You need to focus on habits and behaviours that will make a positive change and in turn improve your overall health and well being.

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