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If you’ve been guilty of yo-yo dieting and choosing quick fixes year after year that stop you from getting results that last long term, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our mission at Nitrafit is to help you break those bad habits and get you the results you’ve always wanted… FOR LIFE!

Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of ladies to achieve incredible transformations, allowing them to get their life back.

No more having to cover up on a sunny day because you’re too self conscious.

No more feeling like you’re stuck in a rut not knowing where to turn next.

By working with us, we guarantee to deliver you all the tools and support you’ve always needed, to ensure that you know exactly how you’re going to achieve your goal.

With our help, we will simplify your goal to make it feel less overwhelming, which will allow you to gain back control and take action.

You owe it to yourself to be the happiest and healthiest you’ve been…

John McGonigal Personal Trainer


Small group personal training in our exclusive ladies only gym.

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Fun outdoor group fitness classes for all abilities.

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Home or gym workout programming and nutritional support from your phone.

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Helping youth footballers level up their strength and conditioning.

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You Could Be Next…

Evie, Customer Service Agent“Nitrafit has changed my life for the better. Not only has it helped me transform my body but my mindset has completely changed too.”

– Laura

James, RAF Officer“I’m delighted with the results I’ve got both physically and mentally working with the Nitrafit coaches on their online platform. I would highly recommend to anyone out there looking to make a change.”
– Michael

Angus, Student“I started my Nitrafit journey last year very unfit, but since then I’ve  become so much fitter. At the beginning I was unsure about outdoor exercise, but now I’m addicted. My body and mindset has totally changed and I feel my immune system is stronger too.”

– Seda

Callie, Project Manager“I joined Nitrafit as a member looking to improve my own health and fitness. Now I’m a Nitrafit Coach, helping our incredible members to get life changing results too.”
– Jenna